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Born in Russia, Natasha Haims grew up with a loving family that came to the United States on her Dad's birthday, July 7, 1976. In the early 1980's Natasha became a naturalized citizen.

Learning English as a second language took some time and hard work but once it was mastered Natasha succeeded at that and all else that she set her mind to.  Her professional path began as a programer at a top insurance agency in Hartford.  From there her career took a turn as a paralegal and later a conservator for local probate courts. 

Natasha's skills for helping others navigate the legal and accounting systems here in the United States has kept her busy for many companies, organizations and individuals.  These skills are now transferred to helping others who come to this country, just as she did , with language barriers and  little knowledge of systems.  Natasha takes pride in the success of others who are looking to make the transition to become a natural citizen, business owner or anything in between. 

"When we move, whether near or far, we join a new community and make new connections.   We form more circles, and they can overlap in a wonderful way."  Natasha Haims